By Matt Shoemaker


Looking at the middle Cross

I thought about the man's loss.

I realized it was for me He died.

I dropped to my knees and cried.

I wonder who drove the nails,

Suddenly I realized without fail,

In my hand I held the hammer.

With my voice I did stammer,

"Surely this was God's Son,

He became the Chosen One."

Looking at the middle cross

I realized He did not suffer loss.

It was not for me He died,

But for all of mankind the he was crucified.

I know now His life was not a loss,

As I looked at the middle cross.





By Matt Shoemaker

Luke 2:1-14


Long ago on a starry night

From Heaven angels did take flight

To proclaim our Saviors birth

To the shepherds here on earth.

In a manger born

Swaddling cloths worn,

His Son God did give

So that we might live.

God sent His Son to earth

To give us second birth.

And for all it's worth

Bring peace on earth.



By Matt Shoemaker 

It was a dark and silent night

The stars in the sky shown with one so bright.

It was on that night there was a special birth

As Gods Son was sent to walk the earth.

He was born so that we may live,

T'was the greatest gift God did give.

In the fields the shepherds did see

ascending from Heaven angels shouting with glee.

The Heavens the stars did adorn

This silent night when Christ was born.